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Corporate Governance (CG) Chapter 1 - CG is about the exercise of power over corporate entities - Central issue in running and regulating modern enterprises CG as old as corporate entities - Governance issues arise when corporate entity acquires life of its own; ownership is separated from management - 18 th century Dutch and British empires traded under rules set by the state - Adam Smith 1776 (quote page 8) - Company law: body of statutes and supporting rules and regulations The separation of management from ownership
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Unformatted text preview: -Many companies now listed on stock exchange-More shareholder -> their links with mngt had become remote-Concentration of economic power-First seminal work of cg 1932 (page 9)-The board of director include three classical roles o 1) establish basic objectives, corporate strategies, and boards policies o 2) asking discerning questions inside and outside board meeting o 3) selecting the president Nur Seiten 1-10...
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