Chapter 9 - Theories and Philosophies of Corporate...

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Theories and Philosophies of Corporate Governance The Agency Dilemma - Arrival of joint stock increase in the number of principals and agents - Interests of shareholders were no longer homogeneous - As listed companies grew and their shareholders became more diverse, the separation between owners and directors magnified and powers shifted towards the directors - Responses to the agency dilemma: o Reporting transparency o Accountability o Audit o Independent directors - Stock borrowing possible to acquire voting rights in a company without owning or investing in its stocks - Agency problem is not limited to relations between investors in listed companies and their agents problems might also arise between directors and employees, private companies, Not-for profit organizations - Wherever there is a separation between the members and the governing body agency problem - Whenever responsibility for activities and assets are delegated by those in the principal position to those in the agent situation agency dilemma Agency Theory - AT looks at CG practices and behavior through the lens of the agency dilemma - Theory perceives the governance relationship as a contract between shareholder (the principal) and director (the agent) - Trust involves an agreement between parties with asymmetrical access to information - View CG at the level of the firm, concerned with the relationships between owners and directors - Focus on shareholder <-> director relationship - Jensen and Meckling: Agency theory involves a contract under which one or more persons engage another person to perform some service on their behalf which includes delegating some decision making authority to the agent. - Agency problems: o Directors may have different views regarding corporate risk – money they are investing is not their own money o Asymmetrical access to information - Looking at CG through the agency lens enables researchers to explore relationship between governance processes and corporate performance - Focus: o Level of shareholders and boards as entities Does Good Corporate Governance Produce Better Corporate Performance? -
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Chapter 9 - Theories and Philosophies of Corporate...

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