Chapter 11 - Directors Capabilities and Responsibilities...

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Directors‘ Capabilities and Responsibilities Desirable Attributes in a Director - Primary prerequisite: integrity o Being able to distinguish right from wrong o Acting in the company interest o Being able to recognize and declare a conflict of interest o Acting honestly for the benefit of the company - Intellect: o ‘a good mind’ o Combines an appropriate level of intelligence, the ability to think at different levels of abstraction and the imagination to see situations from different perspectives - Character traits - Desirable personality o Ability to interact positively with others o A successful director looks ahead, anticipates problems and can articulate possible solutions The Core Competencies a Director Needs - Experience: o Supplement the knowledge available - Skills: o Strategic reasoning, perception and vision o Planning and decision making capabilities o Communication and interpersonal skills - Knowledge: o Knowledge of the enterprise Relevant information about the company’s political, economic, social and technological contexts o Knowledge of the company Clear understanding of the basis of power Knowledge of the basis of law under which the body operates Board structure, membership and personalities
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Chapter 11 - Directors Capabilities and Responsibilities...

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