Case Chapter 1, Acer - Case 1-3: Acer, Inc.: Taiwans...

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Case 1-3: Acer, Inc.: Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon Birth of the Company: The Company was founded in Taiwan in 1976 by Shih, his wife and three friends. Their mission was “to promote the application if the emerging microprocessor technology”. It grew by grasping every opportunity available. Laying the Foundation: Shih told employees that high-tech products had to be priced with a low margin to ensure high turnover. He told them that customers came first, than employees and shareholder third, a principle later referred as “Acer 1-2-3.” He even trusted employees to act in the best interest of the firm. They had a close-knit culture, where coworkers treated each other like family, and the norm was to do whatever was necessary for the greater good of the company. Shih began experimenting with joint ventures to expand sales without the risk of hiring new people or raising more capital. His belief to succeed against wealthy multinationals was to join forces with other “commoners”, mass-market customers, local distributors, owner-employees, small investors and supplier-partners, for example. At first, response to Multitech’s promotional letter was small but through persistence they established partnerships with dealers and distributors in some Asian countries. Finally the company expanded abroad through Asia, Middle East and Latin America and by 1986 the company felt it was ready to stake a claim in Europe. Birth of the Dragon Dream:
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Case Chapter 1, Acer - Case 1-3: Acer, Inc.: Taiwans...

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