Case 8 - Case 8-2: Genzymes Gaucher Initiative: Global Risk...

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Case 8-2: Genzyme’s Gaucher Initiative: Global Risk and Responsibility Birth of the Company - Genzyme began by focusing on supplying raw materials, enzymes, fine chemicals, etc., to large research labs and pharmaceutical companies - founded in 1981 by Henry Blair Laying the Foundation - Blair obtained a contract to manufacture and supply the enzyme glucocerebrosidase (GCR) being by Dr. Roscoe Brady in research on Gaucher disease by building on a long-term relationship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) New Management, New Priorities - Blair had been cleaning up the U.K. production processes and company co-founder Sheridan Snyder had been managing the financial and administrative side of the start-up - Termeet joined in 1983 and initiated a series of weekend discussions involving top management, members of the company’s scientific advisory board of MIT and Harvard faculty, key investors, and a few outside advisors - they developed broad strategic principles: 1. Genzyme would be committed to building a diversified portfolio of targeted products and well-defined markets, with a particular focus on niches where needs were largely unmet 2. Determination to remain independent by generating revenues from the start - Termeer began articulating the values he hoped to build in Genzyme -> he emphasized the centrality of the patient and the need for everyone to link what they were doing to those whose live they could affect Betting the Ranch - Termeer and Blair had been talking to Scott Furbish, one member of the NIH team advocating the pruned molecules treatment -> they convinced him to head up the research that would take his NIH work to fruition
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Case 8 - Case 8-2: Genzymes Gaucher Initiative: Global Risk...

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