Characteristics of Fungi

Characteristics of Fungi - terrestr ial no soft rot of many...

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Characteristics of Fungi All fungi have some features in common, but other special structural and reproductive features  separate the four phyla (see Table  1  ).  TABLE 1 Characteristics of the Fungi Phyla Phylum Habita t Flagellat ed Cells Plant Diseases/Patho gens Wall s Chitin Hyphae Asexual Reproduct ion Specializ ed Cell Where Nuclear Fusion Occurs Sexual Spore Chytridiomy cota water yes black wart of potato, brown spot of com lacki ng in some yes aseptat e, coenocy tic zoospores None occurs none Zygomycota mostly
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Unformatted text preview: terrestr ial no soft rot of many taxa yes yes aseptat e, coenocy tic nonmotile spores fusion of two gametan gia zygospore in zygosporang ium Ascomycota mostly terrestr ial no Dutch elm disease, chestnut blight yes a few with cellulo se septate budding, conidia, fragmentati on ascus eight ascospores Basidiomyc ota mostly terrestr ial no black stem rust of wheat, white pine blister rust yes yes septate budding, conidia, fragmentati on basidium four basidio spores...
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