Other Living Gymnosperm Phyla

Other Living Gymnosperm Phyla - Other Living Gymnosperm...

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Unformatted text preview: Other Living Gymnosperm Phyla The surviving gymnosperm are a diverse group that persist today in restricted habitats or in regions too extreme—too hot, too dry, too cold—for angiosperms. Some preserve in their structures and life- styles evolutionary early “flowers” that didn't quite succeed and the experimental lifestyles later adapted and adopted by the angiosperms. Phylum Cycadophyta The cycads look like palms with cones and are prevalent worldwide in the tropics and subtropics (two species grow wild in Florida). Some grow 15 meters or more in height, but many have shorter trunks and an almost rosette appearance. The ovulate cones are large (some weigh over 30 kilograms) and are borne upright on megasporophylls among the vegetative leaves. Pollen and ovulate cones are produced on different plants. Despite the un-pine-like appearance, the life cycle of the cycads is produced on different plants....
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