Quiz 11 Ch 16/17 (w/ answers)

Quiz 11 Ch 16/17 (w/ answers) - will be if cooked with...

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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #11 1. Describe the factors that influence texture, flavor, color, and nutritional changes when cooking vegetables. Texture is controlled by fiber, starch and doneness. Flavor is controlled by the cooking liquid and evaportation (sometimes the vegetables dissolve into the cooking liquid) Color is controlled by the pigments. Nutritional changes are controlled by 1. high temperature 2. long cooking 3. leaching 4. alkalis 5. plant enzymes 6. oxygen 2. Complete the following chart by writing in the blanks the color each vegetable 
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Unformatted text preview: will be if cooked with acid, cooked with alkali (baking soda), or overcooked. Cooked with Acid Cooked with Alkali Overcooked Asparagus Drab olive green Green Drab olive green Red cabbage Brighter red Blue, blue-green Lose of color Carrots Orange Orange Dull orange Brussels sprouts Drab olive green Green Drab olive green Cauliflower White Yellow Dull yellow, gray Onions White Yellow Dull yellow, gray Corn Yellow Yellow Dull yellow Score: 5/5...
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