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TABLE 1 Major Phyla of Protists and Some of Their Characteristics Group Phylum Organisms Chlorophyll s Locomotio n Reserve Carbohydrat e Cell Wall Compositio n Habitat FUNGUS- LIKE Water molds Oomycota oomycetes, Saprolegnia, Phytophthora , Plasmopara, Pythium none 2 flagella in zoospores & male gametes only glycogen cellulose cell
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Unformatted text preview: walls marine, freshwate r & terrestrial; plant pathogen s Slime molds plasmodia l Myxomycota myxomycete none 2 flagella, in gametes; amoeboid glycogen none on plasmodium terrestrial cellular Dictyosteliomycot a (Acrasiomycota) dictyostelids none amoeboid glycogen cellulose terrestrial...
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