Quiz 4 - (unambiguously) related to a cost object at...

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Question 1 6 out of 6 points Match the definitions: Answer Question Correct Match Administrative costs G. The costs required to manage the organization and provide staff support. Conversion costs B. The costs that convert direct materials into the final product. Cost allocation D. The process of assigning indirect costs to product, services, people, business units, etc. Cost object F. Any end to which a cost is assigned. Cost pool I. The collection of costs to be assigned to the cost objects. Direct cost L. Any cost that can be directly
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Unformatted text preview: (unambiguously) related to a cost object at reasonable cost. Full absorption cost C. The sum of all variable and fixed manufacturing costs. Indirect cost E. Any cost that related to a cost object. Opportunity cost A. The foregone benefit from the best (forgone) alternative course of action. Prime costs H. Direct materials + direct labor. Semi-variable cost J. A cost that has both fixed and variable components. Work in process K. A product in the production process...
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Quiz 4 - (unambiguously) related to a cost object at...

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