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Visible Systems Corporation EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING Version Potential Employee D13 Potential Employees D14 Schedules D15 Questions D16 Contracts D18 Employees D20 employee hours D21 expenses 3.1 Receive Employee Details 3.2 Check for Availability 3.3 Process Interview 3.4 Confirm Employee Status 3.5 Sign a Contract 3.6 Fill out Hours form 3.7 Calculate Payment 3.8 Pay Payroll Manage Overhead L1 Pot. Employee Details Pot. Employee Details Pot. Employee Details Confirmed Employee Details Pot. Employee Details Confirmed Employee Details Schedule Details interview details Interview Details Confirmed Employee Status Potential Employee Contract Details Signed Contract Details signed contract details signed contract details Hours Details Employee Hours Details
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Unformatted text preview: Hours Details Payroll Details Payroll Details Payroll Details 3.9 Purchase Supplies Supplier Supply Order Details 3.10 Receive Payable invoices Supplies Expense Details expenses details Questions details 3.11 Verify Amount 3.12 Calculate Taxes Misc Maintenance Providers Invoice Payment Details Maintenence Expense Details invoice payment details Invoice Payment Details D22 Invoices Invoice Payment Details D8 Service and Tax Rates Rate Details Invoice Details D24 Suppliers D25 Supplies suppliers details current supply details D12 Taxes paid by firm Verified Invoice Details Accountant taxes paid details...
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