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Location: Lebanon Population: 3.1 Million Language: Arabic (Official), English, French Religion: Islam, Christian, Druze Introduction: Lebanon is a tiny country located on the east coast of the mediteranean. Its area is only a little more than 4000 square miles. Lebanon is famous for its cedars, but now very few cedars are left. Those that remain are now protected. The population of Lebanon is 3.1 million. Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, but many Lebanese also speak English, for some the French language has the greatest prestige. The Lebanese celebrate both the Christian and the muslim holiday, plus a couple of secular public holidays, like labor day on May 1, Martyres day on May 2, and Independance Day on November 22 nd . The Lebanese national dish is kibbeh, made of either lamb or beef and cracked wheat. A unique Lebanese alcoholic drink is arak, a colorless, 100 percent-alcohol beverage flavoured with anise. The national folk dance of Lebanon is called the dabke, belly dancing is also popular for girls. Basketball, soccer and swimming are very popular sports in Lebanon. For recreation, live theatre is popular as are nightclubs and pubs. Le liban est un petit pays situé sur la cote est de la meditéranée. Sa superficie est un peu
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Final_Oral_Presentaion - Location: Lebanon Population: 3.1...

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