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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #9 Chapter 9 1. Cream Soups are soups that are thickened with roux or other added starch and contain milk and/or cream. 2. Broth is a simple, clear soup without solid ingredients. 3. Consomme is a rich, flavorful stock or broth that has been clarified to make it perfectly clear and transparent. 4. Vegetable soup is a clear, seasoned stock or broth containing one or more vegetables. 5. Bisques is a type of rich cream soup made from shellfish. 6. A Puree Soup is a soup that is naturally thickened by puréeing one or more of its ingredients. 7. Hearty American soups containing shellfish, potatoes, and milk are often called Chowders. 8. The four basic ingredients of a clearmeat or clarification used to make consommé are Lean ground meat , egg whites , mirepoix
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Unformatted text preview: , and acid ingredients . 9. The most important characteristic of a good consommé is strong stock or broth Strength of flavor . 10. Consommé Madriléne is characterized by the flavor of tomatoes . 11. To improve their flavor, vegetables for vegetable soup may be cooked slowly in a little butter before being added to the stock. 12. Two reasons for cut vegetables for vegetable soup into uniform sizes are uniform cooking and attractive appearance . 13. A thickening agent liaison is a mixture of egg yolks and cream sometimes added to cream soups. 14. Puree of Spring Vegetable Soup Vichyssoise is a cold purée soup containing leeks, potatoes, and cream. 15. The best cut of meat to use for clarifying consommé is clearmeat Beef shank or shin beef . Score: 4/5...
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