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The lawyer receives the employee details and stores those details in a potential employee database. The lawyer recovers the potential employee contact fromm the stored database and decides to give the employee a call to schedule for an interview. The potential employee responds back and an appointment is scheduled based on availabilities. Upon deciding, an interview is processed. The employer has a set of personal questions that he asks the potential employee before proceeding with the hiring. In the event that the employer decides to hire, then the employee is notified of that decision and should confirm in order to proceed and sign the contract. A copy of the contract is given to the employee while the employer keeps his copy in the employee file and his storage space. The employee salary is calculated based on hours
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Unformatted text preview: worked. Every employee records their hours on an hour sheet and submits it to the employer for wage calculation. Inaddition to paying the employees, the employer has to consider overhead expenses, such as purchase of supplies and other miscellaneous expenses. In order to know what supplies are needed, the firm checks for inventory and sends request to suppliers, who in turn send the firm an invoice of the amount it should cover. All these amounts are expressed in the invoiced database and are verified by the firm. The invoices are the sent to the accountant for taxations. Sales taxes and firm taxes are stored in separate databases and are also sent out to accountant as well as the government for further processing taxation....
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