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PIECES: PERFORMANCE: System slow Lack of computer skills (paper based) Redundant documents: no backup Shared files are hard to get a hold off Information: Missing information Scattered info No temporary storage space for multiuse Information inaccessibility ECONOMICS: Waste alot of money on office supplies Waste of money on storage space CONTROL: All information is hared by all Loss of client due to loss of sticky note Wife takes all invoices home to get them prepared EFFICIENCY: Taxes and billing client are done manually(time consuming) Ordering tax docs from government accountant
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Unformatted text preview: Going back and forth to gather info REQUIREMENTS: • Transferring from a paper-based management system to a computerized database management system • Create a database for client contacts • Create a database for supplier contacts • Come up with a system for tax calculations • Advertise our client’s business in a social network website • Using CRM technology to manage interactions with customers , clients and sales prospects. • Have a shared data system between all office users...
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