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Presenting to Stockholders - and raking in money They are...

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The stockholders want to know how the company has done in the past year, how much profit was made, how many sales were finished, how many expenses were paid, they are interested in knowing information that will show them how the company will do in the future. They want to make sure that they will be able to receive their money that they have invested into the company and whether the stocks that they hold with the company are going to rise in dollars or going to decrease in dollars. They are interesting in ideas to make the company make more money, because the more money the company makes the better their chances of the value of their stock going up. They must be shown how the company has done this year in comparison to the previous years. They will want to see figures and examples and financial ratios, not just words on a piece of paper, they will want it explained to them and explain why certain things did not go so well or why certain items did not do so good, or why all of a sudden a activity just started booming
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Unformatted text preview: and raking in money. They are also interesting in knowing the marketing ideas and stratify to make the company sell better products and rake in more revenue. They want to know what changes are going to be made to make the company more profitable. They want to know specifics they don’t just want well we are going to cut this operation out and start this new operation, they want to know why the operation is going to be cut, why it is not bringing in enough money and why they believe that it will not pick back up, they will want to know how much the new operation is expected to bring in, why it will bring in more revenue than the old operation. They will want to know what problems or challenges the company will face and if they do have to face them how will they go about fixing them to make the company profit. They also want to know how the company expects to do the next year and just exactly how much they expect to bring and how the company expects to reach that goal....
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