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Future King MWSG final - I(5 pts)HEADING Major Works Study...

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I. (5 pts.)HEADING Major Works Study Guide- The Once and Future King Sirsy, Omar II. (10 pts.) Biographical Information (a paragraph of five sentences) T.H. White was born in Bombay, India in 1906 and died in 1964. White led a complicated with an alcoholic father and an abnormal mother, who separated when White was only fourteen. White later graduated college with a first-class degree in English. He was best known for his Arthurian novels such as The Once and Future King , which was published in 1958. The memory of White lives through his heavy style of using description and imagery. III. (5 pts.)Characteristics of the genre—(paragraph) This novel falls under the genre of an adventure novel and fantasy novel. The novel takes a journey through the life of the protagonist, Arthur. It fits the adventure aspect through Arthur’s bold quests and his reign over England. In addition, it fits the fantasy portion of the novel in that the novel consists of magic and mystical creatures. The author’s style of two types of genres grabs many readers’ attentions. IV. (10 pts.)Setting —list the time and place of the work (describe in a short paragraph-5 sentences) The setting of The Once and Future King wraps around the life events of Arthur in Book I and Lancelot in Book III. The events of the two characters, which are known as the protagonists of the novel, lead the setting in England and France. The time period takes place within the medieval period, which is between the fifth and sixteenth centuries. Book I begins in England where Arthur also known as Wart lives with his adopted father, Sir Ector and his brother, Kay. Book III also takes place in England, but also France where Lancelot battles for Guenever’s love and his honor. V. (10 pts.)Title and Epigraph (describe in a short paragraph-5 sentences) This novel is titled The Once and Future King . The title has a meaning within the book that represents King Arthur. The name of the title represents Arthur’s motivation and kindness that keeps him going, which eventually lead him
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to becoming king of England. The author chose this title to show the important trait
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