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INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY I BIO 311C Fall 2011 Uniques: 48530, 48535, 48540 Class meetings: 1 – 1.50 pm in BUR 208 Lecturer: Dr. Anita Latham Office: PAI 1.13C [email protected] Office Hours: M, W, F at 10.50-11.50 am (or by appointment) Teaching Assistant: Gayani Weeraratne Office hours: 10 – 11 am (Mon and Tue) or by appointment Office: PAI 2.38 Email: [email protected] The best way to contact us outside of class time and office hours is by email. Course description: 311C is designed for majors in biological sciences, and for others if required by their departmental programs. This course is designed to engage you, to excite you, and to get you thinking like a scientist! We’ll begin by examining the structures and functions of biomolecules, like DNA and cholesterol. We’ll then explore the inner world of the cell, focusing on organelles, the cytoskeleton and cellular membranes. Next we will investigate how living organisms transform energy by studying two important metabolic processes- cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Finally, we’ll examine how genetic information flows from cell to cell and from one generation to the next. Special note: This section of BIO 311c course is part of a new initiative at the University of Texas to transform introductory biology courses. As a student in this class, you will be asked to actively participate in surveys, activities and assignments to engage and learn not only the contents but also develop skills to think critically and solve problems in biology. In addition, we may be taking photos or videos during class time to record some observations of this transformed class. If you need additional information, have any concerns or do not want your photos or video taken, please contact the instructor or TA within 7th day of class. Prerequisites: You must have already completed with a grade of at least a C- or be registered for CH 301 or equivalent chemistry course. 1
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Required Textbook: Biology by NA Campbell and JB Reece. Benjamin Cummings, 9 th edition. There is a hard-bound version and a paper, spiral-bound version. You may purchase either version. The book comes with an online access to www.masteringbio.com www.masteringbio.com , which has very helpful animations and study material. This online access is recommended although not required for this course. Classroom courtesy: Please help us all concentrate on learning biology in the classroom: be on time to class, turn all cell phones to off, stay off the internet, avoid leaving early, and minimize distracting conversation. Thank you - your classmates and I will appreciate it. Class attendance: is required and class participation encouraged! Attendance will be taken after the first day of class. We have found a strong correlation between a student’s overall performance and attendance. A student during class found to be engaged in non-class related activities (talking, reading the newspaper, surfing the web etc) may be marked as absent from class.
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