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(A header with names of submitters, assignment name, and course would have been good here) Question Does the amount of capsaicin in varying peppers affect the alpha amylase enzyme activity? (Based on the Scoville scale) (What is based on Scoville scale? Amylase activity? Selection of peppers? Amount of capsaicin?) Hypotheses Yes, the amount of capsaicin does affect the alpha amylase enzyme by increasing the activity. Yes, the amount of capsaicin does affect the alpha amylase enzyme by decreasing the activity. No, the amount of capsaicin does not affect the alpha amylase enzyme. (Straightforward and simple, which is good. After our conversation about the uncertainty of cause and effect, is there another way you can word your research question/hypotheses to more accurately reflect the outcome of your tests? In other words, w ill your experiment directly measure that it s capsaicin affecting the amylase activity? ) Experiment Describe how you will collect data. - Tell subjects to be well hydrated from a day before by drinking about 8 cups of water. (Why will this matter?) - Give subject 10% Sucrose Solution (Why?) - Give subject cheese to eat (Think we talked about using tofu instead. What happens if folks don’t like tofu? If this becomes an issue, we can consider using a tortilla chip to administer the pepper puree.) - Give subject pepper being tested . (How much pepper? In what form? Raw? Whole? Fleshy part only without seeds/ribs? As a commercial sauce preparation?) - Collect a sample of spit from the subject by collecting it in an evaporating dish . 15 ml conical tube. - Transfer spit into a cuvette. (Check out the assay protocol which is on BlackBoard in the MotM Folder. This will tell you the recipe for the chemical reaction and the correct way to conduct the amylase assay.) - Place cuvette in photo spectrometer. - Drink sucrose and repeat. (What’s this for?) - Repeat process for other pepper samples What are you using for controls? How are you going to know if there is a change with administration of the peppers if you have nothing to compare it to? Your control should be the same as your experimental treatment except without the variable you are testing – in this case peppers) What data will you collect - what are you measuring, how, in what units? - Absorbance of light in cuvette Your unit is Absorbance (AU or Absorbance Units if you want to get technical). How are you measuring this? What instruments are you using? What are you directly measuring and what are you interpreting these results to mean? Hint: has to do with
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starch-iodine test and what changes are happening in amlyase. -
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CDR Comments - Study Proposal - - Copy - (A header with...

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