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Team Elaine Questions - Copy - Team Elaina You guys did an...

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Unformatted text preview: Team Elaina, You guys did an amazing job on finding fascinating questions as well as thorough explanations for how they could affect everyone! All of these questions align with the theme and are legally/ethically safe for the most part. One of the problems with testing amylase activity by age is finding the people at the right age to test this question with, especially at the extremes (1-4 years of age and 80-100 years of age). There may not be access to all of the ages that you guys will be testing so it would be a little difficult to gather enough information. Also, everyone ages differently, as in, not everybody has salivary glands that have the same lifespan/health so this could be an extraneous variable that you guys can use to explain any outliers in the data. Testing the physical activity can be difficult in that there might not be a outliers in the data....
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