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TIPS tutoring - Copy - Location TBD Days and Times TBD Days...

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TIP Scholars Learning Lab Schedule: Fall 2011 (Tentative) Painter Hall 4.28 PAI 4.28 5-7 pm Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday CH 301 Angela Duong Ugochi Akaluso M 408N/408C Chelsea Shipp Proctor Stacia Damron CH 301 TBD Da’Marcus Baymon M 408K Kendall Gardner Proctor Jayson Tomy CH 301 Mary Dinh Tevon Hood M 408N Justin Chang Proctor Candace Whaley CH 301 Kaveeta Marwaha Brandon Wilkins CS 312 Candice Groce Nick Blazier Proctor Marvin Okafor
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PAI 4.28 7-9 pm Closed CH 301 TBD Cassandra Sheldon M408N Ashley McCrory CS 301K Melody Bolton Proctor Kimberly Sotello CH 301 Jacob Van Fleet Anna Kuperman M 408K No tutor available until week of 9/5. M 305G/M 410T Di Huynh Proctor Taylor Ward CH 301 Andrew Averitt TBD M 408N Tyson Loudon Proctor Lucy Liu TIP Scholars Exam Review Session Schedule: Fall 2011 (tentative) Times and Locations Pending – Will be Announced Soon!
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Unformatted text preview: Location TBD Days and Times TBD Days and Times TBD Psychology 301 Pennebaker/Gosling Psychology 301 Domjan Alana Harrison Lauren Birks Faith Musquiz Sociology 302 Green Ethan Guberman Billy Calve Conditioning KIN 310 LaToya Harris LaTonya Harris Javi Valverde Claire Cantu Andrew Clark Kate Foreman Sociology 302 Haghshenas David Loewenberg Arcasia James Management KIN312M Kevin Hicks Maddi Bernacki Location TBD Spanish 601D Gustavo Padron Daniel Zarazua Martha Griffin Spanish 610D Jose Espitia Taylor Harrison Philosophy 304 Serene Ateek Jeremy Gatson Charles Stephens Jennifer Ifebi Hank Dugie Biology 311C Joy Adeku Victoria Adeseye James Oyeniyi Nick Sevey...
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