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UNIT 1 REFLECTION My gullible side often shows when I research for articles relating to my subject because I almost never question the credibility of the article. In one sense, I display the trait of Intellectual Integrity. For instance, when I read an article that is relevant to my research, I can be swayed by the contents of the article where my thoughts on the subject get altered or shadowed by the article. I’m not saying that I believe everything I see on the internet, because I am wary about articles I read in my free time, but I think this filter I have doesn’t apply during my research. This could be because of an underlying belief that if the article is on the internet, then it must be a credible source, which ultimately comes down to too much trust in the articles. I tend to let their biased status (no matter how miniscule the bias may be) be dismissed as a completely objective article. The articles may not even be biased on purpose, as the readers could fall victim to the telephone effect and misinterpret the original message that the author is trying to convey. Many articles will be summarized off of the original.
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