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Review questions Chapter 3 – Puberty and physical development 1. What is puberty? 2. What are the two roles that hormones play in adolescent development? 3. What are the parts of the HPG axis, and how does the HPG feedback loop work? 4. What changes on the HPG axis during puberty? 5. What is adrenarche and what part does it play in puberty? 6. How do nutritional resources and leptin play a role in puberty onset? 7. How is the presence of mature sexual partners thought to influence puberty onset? 8. What are the five major physical changes in puberty? 9. What is the adolescent growth spurt, what causes it, and are there differences between genders? 10. What are the changes in muscle/fat during puberty? 11. How do the bones change during puberty? 12. What is meant by ‘assymetry of growth’ during puberty? 13. What are the differences between genders in the development of the circulatory and respiratory tract during puberty? What effect does this have on exercise ability? 14. What are Tanner stages?
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