hw1 - CS 173 Discrete Structures Spring 2010 Homework 1...

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CS 173: Discrete Structures, Spring 2010 Homework 1 This homework contains 5 problems worth a total of 45 points. It is due on Friday, January 29th at 4pm. The homework dropboxes are towards the east end of the main corridor of the Siebel basement, between the lounge area and the vending machines. Put your homework in the box marked with your discussion section. Be sure that your name and the day/time of your discussion section (e.g. “Monday 12”) are easy to read at the top of your homework. 1. [5 points] Demographic survey Fill out the online demographic survey at https://illinois.edu/sb/sec/8918245 Your individual answers (which will be kept con±dential) will help us advise you better this term. Summaries of responses from the class as a whole will improve the CS department’s on-going curriculum development efforts. 2. [12 points] Logarithms, Exponents, etc Simplify the following expressions as much as possible, without using a calculator (either hardware or software) . Do not approximate. Express all rational numbers as fractions. For complex numbers use i to represent the value -
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hw1 - CS 173 Discrete Structures Spring 2010 Homework 1...

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