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NOTES_Chapter 8_Continuous Probability Distributions

NOTES_Chapter 8_Continuous Probability Distributions -...

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Chapter 8: Continuous Probability Distributions 8.1 Probability Density Functions Requirements for a Probability Density Function – the following requirements apply to a probability density function f(x) whose range is 1. for all x between a and b . 2. The total area under the curve between a and b is 1.0. Uniform Distribution o The uniform probability distribution , also called the rectangular probability distribution. o Uniform probability Density Function Using a Continuous Distribution to Approximate a Discrete Distribution o Although some random variables have the properties of a discrete random variable such as money where there is finiteness (large number but countable, there’s no upper limit) we can still employ a continuous probability distribution to determine the probability associated with such variables 8.2 Normal Distribution The normal distribution is the most important of all probability distributions because of its crucial role in statistical inference
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