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NOTES_Chapter 12_Inference About a Population

NOTES_Chapter 12_Inference About a Population - Chapter 12...

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Chapter 12: Inference About a Population 12.1 Inference about a Population Mean When the Standard Deviation is Unknown If the population mean is unknown, so is the population standard deviation o So we substitute the standard deviation s in place of the unknown population standard deviation Test Statistic for When is Unknown o When the population standard deviation is unknown and the population is normal, the test statistic for testing hypotheses about is which is Student t distributed with degrees of freedom Confidence Interval Estimator of When Is Unknown Required Conditions o The mathematical process that derived the Student t distribution is robust, which means that if the population is non-normal, the results of the t-test and confidence interval estimate are still valid provided that the population is not extremely non-normal. Developing an Understanding of Statistical Concepts o Degrees of freedom, the numbers preceding the n th value which balances to equal o Estimate the standard error when the population std dev. is unknown by
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