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NOTES_Lecture 09_Black Hole Continued

NOTES_Lecture 09_Black Hole Continued - Lecture 10 Black...

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11/10/11 Lecture 10: Black Hole Continued Bug is selective in the way it chooses its victims People heal over time? Social disapprobation “Friends were dying” – allusion to Vietnam Jock vs. the Dweeb o Dave As a male in high-school was disempowered as a chess-player/geek Further disempowered by the disease Has the advantage with the gun, and the spit Renders him as a potent social threat – bug manifests visibly Was the victim and now is the victimizer He reverts to the normalcy How would Rick the Dick retaliate given the opportunity Dave has been marginalized even more What does the bug metaphorically represent? Nike’s “Just do it?” cultural reference to masculinity? Link between sex and drugs o What is it like to be an outsider? o What do the mutations stand for? A physical ugliness Perhaps being ostracized Represents everything that happens during high school o Even the dweebs have girlfriends and have sex
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