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NOTES_Lecture 11_Jimmy Corrigan

NOTES_Lecture 11_Jimmy Corrigan - Lecture 11 Jimmy Corrigan...

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11/10/11 Lecture 11: Jimmy Corrigan A polyphony of space-time hallucinations and emotional associations centering on loneliness and the birth of the modern world o Multi-voiced/multi-valent o Plays with space and time o Trajectory of various James Corrigans o World Fair – the birth of the modern world Panels & Design o Older comics dealt with typography and iconography o Looked more like story boards o A near algebraic method o Movement of frames/flow o Transposition of space and time o Ideograms – cat & mouse Daniel Raeburn Realism is fine for telling tales about jut-jawed good guys in tights who sock dastards, but it is too explicit for anything emotional. It bullies the readers and their emotions, turning sentiment into sentimentality. Artwork o Colours and typeface showing emotion o Colours/flow of panels Dream intersecting with reality Dissociation from himself and emotions o Authority with omniscient narration o Disembodied substantial voice o
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