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11/10/11 Chapter 4: Gender and Sexuality Introduction GENDER, SEX, AND THE CASE OF DAVID/BRENDA David/Brenda Reimer (burnt penis ex.)… even though they tried to raise David as a girl, he still had male tendencies and wanted to be a boy, without knowing he was one before. (he did live as a boy for two years though)…before 18 months gender reassignment tends to be “successful”. Defining Male and Female: Sex and Gender Difference between males and females conventionally based on genitalia, and what genetic program that released hormones to stimulate development of certain reproductive system. being male or female involves not just biology, but certain masculine and feminine feelings, attitudes, and behaviours. Biological sex must be distinguished from sociological gender. Gender identity: identification with, or sense of belonging to, a particular sex; biologically, psychologically, and socially. Gender role: when people behave according to widely shared expectations about how males or females are supposed to act. Transgendered People: are individuals who want to alter their gender by changing their appearance or resorting to medical intervention. Transsexual: People who believe they were born with the “wrong” body; that is, they identify with, and want to live fully as, a member of the “opposite” sex. WHO classifies transgendered individuals as suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Sexuality Sexuality: refers to activities that are intended to lead to erotic arousal and produce genital response. Sexual scripts: tell us whom we should find attractive, when and where it is appropriate to be aroused, what is permissible, and how to behave sexually. Compulsory heterosexuality: the assumption that individuals should desire only members of the opposite sex. Men report more frequent intercourse than women, while women more often report abstention than men. In Canada, men and francophones are more likely than women and anglophones to endorse the fun standard (having sex for fun). Sexual orientation: refers to the way a person derives sexual pleasure, including whether desirable partners are of the same or a different sex. 1970s “free love” lots of sexual partners and unprotected sex, because abortion and contraceptives were legalised. 1980s STDs became known, so people became more careful. Does Sex Determine Destiny?
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NEW Society_Notes_Chapter 4_Gender & Sexuality -...

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