Notes_Lecture 3 - Lecture 3 soc101 Wednesday, September 24,...

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Lecture 3 soc101 Wednesday, September 24, 2008 TEST 1 examination facility 100 Topic: social interaction-face to face communication among people who act and react in relation to one another -this strongly influenced by our emotional states, we act differently -why do we experience certain emotions in the first place? -spontaneous emotional reactions -dyads—2 person conversations.---found out that speakers laugh more often than listener and women laugh more often than men. -status—a recognized position in a social interaction -student is a status and so is professor. . diff status associated with ppl of diff powers and prestige—subordinate and superordinate statuses -distribution of laughter is structured on status -people with higher status tend to get more laughs—in this example: men(class clown usually boys) -people with lower status tend to laugh more (dumb blonde jokes) -A STATUS IS A RECOGNIZED POSTION IN SOCIAL INTERACTION -real answer there is some spontaneity and also social structure underlying it -exposure to a virus/ exposure t bear attack stimutes fear… external stimula! Cannot control it, just happens to us -hochschild- she argues that people talk about the right to be angry, feeling rules vary. . b.w cultures, w/in diff groups and categories men to focus on action than feeling and women are vice versa -*******primary(agricultural,mining), secondary (manufacturing—cars) and tertiary(service---cutting hair, teaching) sector of society******** -said that middle class working in tertiary can suppress emotions---if you are in a retail job you have to be a positive state of mind, flight attendant, waiters, teacher -emotion labour- she calls it emotion mgt one does as part of ones job and for which one
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Notes_Lecture 3 - Lecture 3 soc101 Wednesday, September 24,...

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