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Critical Review_Linguistic Diversity in Canada

Critical Review_Linguistic Diversity in Canada - d in...

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This article discusses the imbalances of the official languages of Canada, English and F rench in the official languages data produced by Statistics Canada. It suggests a more practica l approach in the application of official languages data to readjust these imbalances. The inten t of the article is to change language planning and policy-making to promote the unity of Can ada as a bilingual nation. Thus, this article is intended for linguistic groups and those involve
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Unformatted text preview: d in language planning and policy-making in Canada. The article begins by stressing the importance of keeping our linguistic diversity. Howe ver, being part of a linguistic majority is more convenient whether the convenience is from an economical, a social, or political standpoint. In Canada, the two language majorities are Engli sh and French...
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