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), [,t K' rvi ror-r \y S+ u,r &Van t . iui,l: I ,l ,* J. ;, AjBra.> '-- AJ' i Br' Sur4 dL T, va.&-\-n c>( p<o&u'--!s MtAvJQza: :c-r ib.?o 7?,\,Lt -161 : (- zo crr-)'!,h"1 5,?I tcJ/" ai :MA d, u, 1Au, *J0l$'8 #Poq'- rl-lt ? tazPoq -i0t?,3r O , - ^ll30,L/ 0 = -,lt,l k:/-ol to)uuq =- 15a : -11, 1 5/"1 6.1, ,,rfuo\ -iT1*t f---.------1 t*ga iDi:=?-) = 'ti4q tl ook, I /,b log t1, tt)
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Unformatted text preview: F l8r 6\-?c.qo v r Aq Ll'tsl t-109 ,\,' t 'tol-al3,b-.s {ey -tct -+ --lStZ- 'l'1fi.1 ''j onn ' t-) =- l0 ?,8 I Br-, -/oJ ? + I,L <) i?l :-.) t!9 l_0_ ;) Qn- 1l 0-, )fl6-aflt E Mdl ,LXl '-t IZ;\ I--, I r/i r I 4,'l-.-------:"1 4--'----<- - / E:.gzi/^:r* '/^,1 't i I !4q = eh3 5 ,lr t't> f uo\ &Q = to lrykq 'g 9r --13 t,s vs/u. tj...
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2011 for the course STAT 601 taught by Professor Reik during the Spring '11 term at UAA.

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