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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #5 Chapter 4 Name the cooking procedures described. 1. To cook quickly in a small amount of fat. – Sauté 2. To cook foods by surrounding them with hot, dry air in an oven or on a spit over an open fire. – Roast and Bake 3. To cook with radiant heat from above. - Broil 4. To cook submerged in hot fat. – Deep Fry 5. To cook partially and very briefly in boiling water or in hot fat. Blanch 6. To cook by simmering or boiling until the quantity of liquid is decreased. Reduce 7. To cook uncovered in a skillet or sauté pan without fat. – Pan-broiling 8.
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Unformatted text preview: To cook on an open grid over a heat source. - Grilling 9. To cook in a moderate amount of hot fat in a pan. Pan Fry 10. To cook in water or other liquid that is bubbling gently, about 185-205F (85-96C). simmer 11. To cook covered in a small amount of liquid, usually after preliminary browning. - Braise 12. To cook in a liquid, usually a small amount, that is hot but not actually bubbling. poach 13. To cook in hot fat. fry 14. To cook by direct contact with steam. - Steaming 15. To cook in water or other liquid that is bubbling rapidly. - Boil Score: 3/5...
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