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final - AL QUDS UNIVERSITY Final Exam Time 2 Hours Faculty...

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AL - QUDS UNIVERSITY Faculty of Engineering Final Exam Time: 2 Hours February 03, 2009 Marks: 40 Couse: Communication Systems (0331411) Instructor: Dr. Ali Jamoos Student Name Registration Number Question Number Grade Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Total Please try to write as clean as possible! Good Luck 1
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Q1) Circle the correct answer: [14 points] 1. The modulation technique that is usually used to transmit the TV signals is: (a) AM (b) FM (c) PSK (d) FSK 2. Using FDM, the number of TV signals that can be multiplexed on the same coaxial cable whose bandwidth is up to 500MHz: 3. Using FDM, the bandwidth required to multiplex 100 SSB modulated voice signals is: 4. The DS-1 system multiplexes 24 voice channels into one TDM frame and each frame contains 8 bit per channel plus a framing bit. If each voice channel uses PCM with 8000 sample/s, the resulting data rate is:
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