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EIE 235 Class Test (1 hour working time for the total of 50 marks) True or false (2 marks per correct answer, -1 penalty for incorrect answers, total maximum of 20 marks) 1. Nyquist formula indicates that, all other being equal, doubling the bandwidth doubles the data rate. 2. The 3dB bandwidth is defined as the range of frequencies over which the signal power exceeds half of the maximum. 3. Fourier series decomposition of a cosine signal does not contain even harmonics 4. 20dB loss means that the signal amplitude diminishes 10 times 5. Digital data are encoded using a modem to produce an analog signal. 6. Thermal noise is due to high ambient temperature in the communication environment 7. SNR depends on bandwidth, E b /N 0 does not. 8. Twisted pair is used for transmission in the frequency range over 500MHz 9. Parabolic antenna is belongs to guided media communication category 10. Optical fiber communication channels are not affected by external electromagnetic fields Short answers (3 marks per correct answer each, 15 marks total)
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