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LSU – Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Fall 2011 VIEWS OF THE AMERICAN LANDSCAPE Catalog description: 1203 Views of the American Landscape (3) Concepts, patterns, and themes that shape human attitudes and activities concerning the American landscape; natural systems as links between managed landscapes and built environments; environmental and conservation ethics. General course description: Landscape Architecture 1203 surveys different concepts, patterns, and themes in human attitudes and activities concerning the American landscape. It analyses how the changes and modifications to the physical environment affect endeavors to exploit the land’s resources for welfare and profit. The course explores natural systems as links between natural, managed and built components of the environment. The course presents an overview of environmental and conservation ethics. Lectures will demonstrate how environmental views have influenced the management and use of our nation’s natural resources, the formulation of environmental policies, and the patterns of land development for human use. This course focuses on man’s relationship with the American landscape. General Education in the Humanities: This class provides General Education credits in the Humanities. After successfully completing this course a student should be able to: 1. have an understanding of America’s role in land conservation and preservation 2. have insight into the ethical issues relating to man’s many uses of the land 3. have knowledge of some of the historical trends and movements that have taken place over time in man’s relationship to the land. Format : Landscape Architecture 1203 is a lecture / reading course utilizing slides and other visual and audio aids where appropriate. Discussion on course topics is encouraged when appropriate. Purpose: The course seeks to develop within each student a personal awareness of himself or herself as an interactive, responsible dweller on a finite earth. This awareness is basic to the wise building, management, and stewardship of the landscape. It will show the student many different ways of viewing and understanding the importance of the American landscape from historic and contemporary perspectives. Reading Assignments: Text: David Harmon, Editor, Mirror of America: Literary Encounters With the National Parks, National Park Foundation, Roberts Rinehart, Inc., Boulder, 1989. Other reading assignments will be made from a variety of books and articles that are posted on Moodle . Read all in the file folder “Class Readings” for midterm. The final exam will include the reading in the file folder “Class Readings After Midterm”. John Muir
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ClassSyllabusFall2011 - LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 1203 LSU...

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