Chapter 6 Learning - Chapter 6 Learning Behavourist believe...

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Chapter 6 - Learning Behavourist – believe that conclusion must be based on measurements and observations of behaviours. Structuralist – asked people to describe their own mental processes. Methodological behaviourism – sometimes use behavioural observations to make inferences about motivation and other internal states. Radical behaviourism – doesn’t believe that internal states like hunger or fear are the cause of a person’s behaviour. Determinism – the idea that there is a cause and effect in this universe. Stimulus response psychology – the attempt to explain behaviour in terms of how a stimuli triggers a response. Intervening variable – something that we cannot observe directly but links a variety of procedures to a variety of responses eg hunger. Classical conditioning : A process by which an organism learns a new association between two stimuli – a neutral stimulus and one that already evokes a reflexive response. UCS – an event that automatically elicits an unconditioned response. (food) CS UCR - an action that the unconditioned stimulus elicits. (salivates) CR – response that the conditioned stimulus begins to elicit as a result of the conditioning procedure. (salivates as a result of sound) Sound (neutral stimulus) >>> No response Food (UCS) >>> Salivates (UCR)
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Chapter 6 Learning - Chapter 6 Learning Behavourist believe...

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