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Robert Fulton Home » History » People » Robert Fulton Robert Fulton was born near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1765. He always fancied himself an artist and specialized in miniature portraits and landscape scenes. His most famous subject was probably Benjamin Franklin. In 1786, Fulton moved from Philadelphia to London, England, where he continued his artistic career. He became such an accomplished artist that he even exhibited his work in the Royal Gallery during 1791. During the 1790s, first canals and then steam-powered ships fascinated Fulton. He began to design his own vessels, hoping to sell the designs to the British Navy. After experiencing several disappointments with his designs in England, Fulton moved to France in 1797. Once in France, Fulton began to design submarines for the French Navy. While French military officials expressed an initial interest, they eventually had a change of heart. This was despite the fact that Fulton's submarine, the Nautilus , remained submerged and operational in twenty-five feet deep water for seventeen minutes. Disappointed, Fulton returned to England, where he designed submarines for the British Navy. He had much more success with the British officials. Using torpedoes (floating mines) Fulton succeeded in destroying a three hundred-ton ship. In 1806, Fulton returned to the United States. He resided in New York, where he began to design
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Robert Fulton - Robert Fulton Home History People Robert...

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