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Unformatted text preview: 1. S_CODE: starting airport’s code 2. S_CITY: starting city 3. E_CODE: ending airport’s code 4. E_CITY: ending city 5. COUPON: average number of coupons (a one-coupon flight is a non-stop flight, a two-coupon flight is a one stop flight, etc.) for that route 6. NEW: number of new carriers entering that route between Q3-96 and Q2-97 7. VACATION: whether a vacation route (Yes) or not (No); Florida and Las Vegas routes are generally considered vacation routes 8. SW: whether Southwest Airlines serves that route (Yes) or not (No) 9. HI: Herfindel Index – measure of market concentration (refer to BMGT 681) 10. S_INCOME: starting city’s average personal income 11. E_INCOME: ending city’s average personal income 12. S_POP: starting city’s population 13. E_POP: ending city’s population 14. SLOT: whether either endpoint airport is slot controlled or not; this is a measure of airport congestion 15. GATE: whether either endpoint airport has gate constraints or not; this is another me...
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