ACC 3313 Section 3 Syllabus

ACC 3313 Section 3 Syllabus - McCoy College of Business...

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McCoy College of Business Administration TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY-San Marcos Department of Accounting ACC 3313 Section 3 Intermediate Accounting I Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Kathleen A. Moffitt, CPA, CIA, MAcy TEL: 512-245-3905 (Voice) OFFICE: MCOY 456 (shared office) 512-245-7973 (Fax) OFF. HOURS: E-MAIL: [email protected] 8:50 – 9:20 T & TH LOCATION: McCoy Hall 125 Or by appointment TIME: 9:30 – 10:50 TTH COURSE DESCRIPTION : An in-depth study of accounting concepts and standards with emphasis on current theory and practices related to corporate financial statements particularly stressing asset measurement and presentation. COURSE MATERIALS: Intermediate Accounting by Kieso, D.E., J.J. Weygandt and T.D. Warfield (13 th Edition): Publisher: Wiley Other Course Materials : Study Guide (optional); a 4-function calculator. Calculators with only add/subtract/multiply/divide functions are allowed for exams. Other calculators or calculator functions of cell phones will not be able to be used on exams. Some later chapters may have notes available on my TRACS site or provided as handouts. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, a student will be able to: Gain an understanding of the accounting concepts, standards, and practices (including calculation of appropriate amounts to be reported) related to the topics covered. Gain an understanding of the financial statement presentation for the topics covered. Further develop and apply critical thinking and analytical skills related to financial accounting. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BRING INTO THIS COURSE: You are expected to have the following knowledge/skills: knowledge of Excel, basics of college algebra, mathematical reasoning, ability to calculate simple interest, ability to solve word problems, and word processing skills. PREREQUISITES: ACC 2361 with a grade of “C” or higher. THIS COURSE IS A PREREQUISITE FOR: ACC 3314 with a grade of “C” or higher, ACC 3363 with a grade of “C” or higher, ACC 3365 (or concurrent enrollment), ACC 3385 with a grade of “C” or higher, ACC 4328. COURSE OUTLINE ACC 3313 Sec 3 Page 1 of 8
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COURSE POLICIES: A. INSTRUCTIONAL METHODOLOGY: The course will use a mixture of lectures, classroom discussions, and problem solving. Explanatory lectures prepare students to complete assignments that are reviewed in class. Additionally, class time will be spent discussing the assigned homework problems. Bring your book, your homework, and yourself to each class—it is assumed you have read the chapter and have attempted the assigned problems before you come to class. The specific chapters to be covered and homework assignment problems are attached. Exact dates of the examinations (if different from the schedule) will be announced prior to the exam. B.
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ACC 3313 Section 3 Syllabus - McCoy College of Business...

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