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CIS1323 Syllabus

CIS1323 Syllabus - Texas State University-San Marcos...

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Texas State University-San Marcos Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods CIS 1323 - Introduction to Microcomputer Applications – Fall 2011 Instructor: Marcos P. Sivitanides, PhD, CCP. Email:[email protected] Office: McCoy410. Office phone: 512.245.3177. Personal cell phone: 512.658.1952 Home phone: 512.292.1958. Office hours: MW 3:30 – 5 and tba. Class Website: Texas State TRACS . The three sections for this class meet as follows, at McCoy Hall 334-336. CIS 1323.01 17236 MWF 8:00 am - 8:50 am CIS 1323.02 17237 MWF 9:00 am - 9:50 am CIS 1323.03 17238 MWF 10:00 am - 10:50 am COURSE DESCRIPTION This course develops advanced information technology skills, focusing on office productivity software. Primary emphasis is placed on spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Advanced techniques are presented for use in data analysis and decision making. Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of these techniques in a hands-on environment. COURSE MATERIALS Required: 1. A small ruled notebook, 10 extra white sheets of paper, pencil, and eraser. 2. A 2GB USB Flash drive with a ReadMe.docx file on it. A blue or black pen. 3. The following 3 Textbooks: A. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Comprehensive, Jamrich Parsons, Dan Oja, Roy Ageloff, Patrick M. Carey. ISBN-10: 0538-74291-7 ISBN-13: 978-0-538-74291-7 C 2011 Course Technology, Cengage Learning. B. New Perspectives on MS Office Access 2010, Brief, Joseph J. Adamski, Kathleen T. Finnegan. ISBN-10: 0-538-79849-1 ISBN-13: 978-0-538-79849-5 C 2011, Course Technology Cengage Learning. C. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, Beverly B. Zimmerman, S. Scott Zimmerman, Katherine T. Pinard, ISBN-10: 0-538-75374-9 ISBN-13: 978-0-538-75374-6 C 2011 Course Technology Cengage Learning. 4. A SAM2010 Registration Code. DO NOT register for SAM2010 on your own. The class will register together during a class session.
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CREDIT BY EXAMINATION OPTION Testing Services (phone: 245-2276) administers a test-out option for this course requirement (credit for the course requirement is given but GPA is not affected.) The test-out exam will be oriented to Office 2010. If you are interested in this option, contact the Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods (phone: 245-2291) for further information. Testing services will charge $25 at Registration time (at Testing Services - they must register there), and another $20 will be collected when the student takes the exam. So: $45 in all. The exam will be given using SAM 2007. Testing Services will administer a free practice exam. LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Develop proficiency in the use of electronic spreadsheets as decision making tools.
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CIS1323 Syllabus - Texas State University-San Marcos...

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