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Philosophy Notes (9-25-09) Essential attributes - permanent, if you take away one of them, you no longer have the thing. If u state all the essential attributes, you have stated the definition of the thing. Making (Production) - oriented towards beauty Doing (Action) - oriented towards utility, good Knowing (Thought) - oriented towards truth Intention is the crucial element in production (making) Chapter 6: There are for possible answers to the question “What is something”?
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Unformatted text preview: What is it made of? What is it made out of? Four Causes: Matter Material - → Out of which? (potential) What something is Formal - → Into which? (actual) Maker Efficient - → By which/whom? Purpose Final - For the sake of which? → The form of the thing is what the thing is or the essence The form is what the human being brings to the matter MEMORIZE THE FOUR CAUSES (MATERIAL< FORMAL<EFFICIENT<FINAL)...
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