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phil 120 9-25-09 Philosophy Notes - What is it made of?...

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Philosophy Notes (9-25-09) Essential attributes - permanent, if you take away one of them, you no longer have the thing. If u state all the essential attributes, you have stated the definition of the thing. Making (Production) - oriented towards beauty Doing (Action) - oriented towards utility, good Knowing (Thought) - oriented towards truth Intention is the crucial element in production (making) Chapter 6: There are for possible answers to the question “What is something”?
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Unformatted text preview: What is it made of? What is it made out of? Four Causes: Matter Material - Out of which? (potential) What something is Formal - Into which? (actual) Maker Efficient - By which/whom? Purpose Final - For the sake of which? The form of the thing is what the thing is or the essence The form is what the human being brings to the matter MEMORIZE THE FOUR CAUSES (MATERIAL< FORMAL<EFFICIENT<FINAL)...
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