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Unformatted text preview: 9-28-09 Psychology Notes If you are making something, you need a skill to make it Making presents us with a model of understanding human action (perhaps) Boat building and archery are specific activities….all these activities have some sort of goal and when the goal is achieved we look back at the actor and say the actor had some sort of skill What skill is needed for “life”/living? Survival skills Survival is a means to living well What is the goal of living? Knowledge → Intellects Experience ↔ Body → health Is a physical skill needed for life? What skills are involved in our voluntary action? Survival is living but we aren’t just interested in living….we are interested in living well. Everything humans do has a purpose (intention) now intention is the key to living… Pleasure is happiness, other people say it’s wealth, other people say it’s honor But these people make the mistake that the definition of happiness is simple Goal of living is happiness (or living and doing well) Most everything I do I do with some purpose (some intention) in mind Most of the things I do are ends of themselves Adler’s “plan” - pg.78-79 Pleasure Wealth Honor ...
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