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Page 1 Philosophy Notes: 10-5-09 Shift our focus away from the human being Things in motion/changing = substances In order for a thing to change or move, we have to understand 2 different states of being Actual - exists in present (desk in classroom) Potential - There must be something out of which the desk came to be The desk wasn’t nothing….the wood was potentially a desk The matter that underlies all physical things, is its potential The moving cause is the carpenter
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Unformatted text preview: The wood could also be a chair a house, etc… In order to explain change and motion we have to appeal to a series of causes that set the change in motion Why is it that a human being naturally moves from potential to actual? There has to be some sort of motivation that explains why things strive to be actual HOMEWORK: In addition to reading Washburn, go back over Chapters 22 and 23 Potential/matter Actual/form Desk Wood...
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