16 notes - Skepticism is false because there is one thing I...

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Philosophy Notes (10-16-09) Skepticism: Everything can be doubted Nothing can be known with certainty Suspend judgment; stop philosophizing Old Physics/Science: Aristotle Subjective vs. Objective view of nature This diagram is considered to be a basic framework for ancient science Aristotle’s problem is that this model is based on subjective experience (sense percep- tion) Just because the fire feels hot, that feeling of pain doesn’t tell us what fire is. Aristotle is trying to move away from the subjective/sense perception of the world Doubt is a thought Doubting is thinking Thinking is what is essential If I couldn’t think, I wouldn’t exist
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Unformatted text preview: Skepticism is false, because there is one thing I know with certainty “I’m thinking, therefore I exist” “I think, therefore I am” “Cogito, ergo sum” I am thinking, therefore I exist as a thinking thing. This thought is what defeats skepticism. Hot Cold Wet Dry Fire Earth Water Air Philosophy Notes (10-16-09) What do you learn from this example? Skepticism is false WAX How do I know what wax is? The obvious answer is you perceive it with your senses. ..you smell it you touch it And Descartes is going to try to disprove this HOMEWORK READ MEDITATION 3...
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16 notes - Skepticism is false because there is one thing I...

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