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26 notes - that’s not there Last “faculty” = will or...

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10-26-09 Philosophy Notes Page 1 Empiricism: all knowledge derives from sense experience, emotions (fear, what other people say, and what i see, like a movie about polar bears) (Aristotle is not a clear-cute empiricist, but for our case, he can be put here) Rationalism: (Descartes)(the denial of empiricism) not all knowledge derives from the senses; there is some knowledge that is innate; there is an innate power i have in my mind to reason that does not require my senses We come from a perfect being (God) but we make errors Imagination - the power to create invented ideas; the power to call something to mind
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Unformatted text preview: that’s not there Last “faculty” = will or free will Free will- freedom of choice Is free will limited? It can be limited by your abilities Source of Error: when you don’t understand something Where you use your free will to act or pass a judgement, and you pass that judgement with a lack of knowledge When you assert that you know something Let will get ahead of understanding If i allow myself to pass judgement on something that i don’t understand if i learn to restrain my will, i will be never in error error falls under my responsibility but it’s avoidable NEXT CLASS: MEDITATION #5...
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