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30 notes - You can’t separate your mind from your body...

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Philosophy Notes 10 -30-09 Page 1 in addition to Washburn 421-434 Moodle Hobbs - click on link to a website that is an electronic version of the book…. Hobbs is an empiricist Read chapter 1 The next paper will be based on an objection to Descartes philosophy that are in your book MEDITATION 5 he is still dealing with the physical world MEDITATION 6 existence of material things - is similar to “essence to material things” Making a distinction between essence and existence Existence vs essence Essence - what something is; it’s nature or idea Existence - that something is real in the physical world The mind controls the body My mind can control the body in different senses
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Unformatted text preview: You can’t separate your mind from your body Mind and body are inseparable but mind and body are distinct Non-physical substance (thinking) Physical substance (taking up space) Mind - Body Dualism : there are 2 distinct types of beings What is the purpose for us having this body? Pg.54 is a good summary of the distinction between mind and body Bottom of page 57 “For the proper purpose of these….” He introduces the idea of the body as a complicated machine (ex: pg 60) The relationship between the mind and the body and how God is connected as i discover the laws the govern the universe, I’m discovering the mind of God...
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