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Unformatted text preview: 11-11-09 Philosphy Notes Page 1 Free will and freedom in Washburn When we say freedom we most often think “rights”….political side But political freedom is not the same as metaphysical freedom...although they may be similar Metaphysical: The individual has a choice Human being can choose to do something or not Can do something or refuse to do something Free Will: In certain circumstances, human action/thought/feeling is not determined by prior events. It is freely chose, hence, not caused. Dualists will tend to fall here No compulsion No constraint or threat Problem: random libertarianism Chart on page 302 Soft Determinism/Compatibilis m: Nothing happens without a cause But: some actions are selfcaused -- I chose them based on what I want, and nothing forces me to choose them freedom Determinism: Everything that happens is determined by prior events. Nothing happens without a cause Materialists will tend to fall here ...
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