phil 120 9-23-09 Philosophy Notes

phil 120 9-23-09 Philosophy Notes - (example on page...

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“Take Home Message” from Monday: focused on “categories” reading from Moodle - we talked about a substance and it’s attributes. Substances are the most basis bc without them we wouldn’t have qualities or attributes. Difference between man-made and artificial is very important to Aristotle. Essential and non-essential Essential vs. Accidental Essential (make something what it is) accidental attributes (things you can take away and still have the thing) Sensation - something in the outside world that we experience For aristotle at the basis level, sensations are basic inputs in the experience The senses are passive The sensations are received by our sensory organs There must be a second level in our perception in order for it to make sense Sense Perception - Aristotle’s theory of the mind:
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Unformatted text preview: (example on page 32…”you perceive a big black barking dog…”) Dog is and “idea” When you connect the sensation in the right way there has to be some sort of finished product, which Aristotle calls an “idea” The essential attributes organize as an idea You can have really good senses, and not yet have understanding If we just had sensations, we wouldn’t be able to interpret what we were feeling Thinking about something is the opposite of making something. Aristotle’s Theory of the Mind : Sensations ↓ Ideas- nature, essence ↓ Judgements- link ideas into statements that are either true or false ↓ Inferences- link judgements into arguments (the way we reason) Dog (idea) ↓ This is a dog (judgement) ↓ This dog is mortal (inference)...
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phil 120 9-23-09 Philosophy Notes - (example on page...

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