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enviro - Ch_1-Review - Environmental Science Miller...

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Environmental Science – Miller Lesson #3 Chapter 1 – Environmental Problems – Their Causes, and Sustainability Review Sustainability the ability of the earth’s various systems, including human and cultural systems and cconomies, to survivie and adpt to changing environmental conditions. Path to Sustainability Natural Capital – Natural Capital Degradation – Solutions – Trade-Offs – Individuals Matter Sound Science concepts and ideas widely accepted by experts in a particular field of natural or social sciences Environmentally Sustainable Society meets the needs current needs of its people for food, clean water, clean air, shelter, and other ba- sic resources without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Exponential Population Growth starts slowly but increases sharply; current rate of 1/2% Resources anything from the environment that meets needs and/or wants. Natural Resources + Natural Services = Natural Capital
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enviro - Ch_1-Review - Environmental Science Miller...

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